Antonino Spinelli

Photo of Antonino SpinelliDr Antonino Spinelli serves as Chief of the Unit of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Humanitas Research Hospital and Professor of Surgery at the Humanitas University in Milano.

He is Executive Board Member at the Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery and currently leads the Guidelines Commission of the Society. He is a Board Member of the S-ECCO, Associate Editor of Colorectal Disease and Editorial Board Member of other peer reviewed Journals.

His activity, both surgical and scientific is focused on colorectal disease, with special interest on innovative minimally invasive surgical techniques with potential to improve results in  both cancer and inflammatory bowel disease patients.


TaTME for ileoanal pouch surgery in FAP – potential short and longterm benefits

The role of laparoscopy in pouch surgery for FAP patients is already established, adding to well known benefits of laparoscopy the reduction in the risk of desmoids.

Transanal total mesorectal Excision (taTME) is a novel minimally invasive technique for dissecting the rectum starting from its distal end up to the sacral promontory. This innovative technique, performed in different ways for malignant and benign rectal disease, can facilitate the visualization and dissection of the distal third of the rectum, possibly leading to reduce the rate of functional impairment (by reducing pelvic nerve injuries) and the leak rate (avoiding multiple firings on the distal rectum and allowing surgeons to perform single stapled anastomoses). A safer anastomosis can also decrease the need for protective ileostomies. Since pouch function is known to be better in non-diverted patients, this technique could also impact on the long term function of FAP patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.