OR10: Technological innovation in hereditary cancer risk assessment

A Kulkarni1, A Kenney2, V Tripathi1 ,C Compton1,S Rose1,D Ruddy1,L Izatt1,E Haque1,AC Shaw1.

1. Guy’s Regional Genetics Service, Guy’s Hospital, London, England. 2. UBQO Limited, London, England


To develop an accessible information technology solution for hereditary cancer risk assessment and referral guidance for clinicians, thereby improving patient access to our service by targeting several factors; clinicians’ limited understanding of hereditary cancer, lack of time, confusion about where to refer patients, use of outdated guidance.


Guy’s Cancer Genetics guidelines are used across a population of 5 million in Southeast England and updated in line with national standards. However they are presented in ‘non-interactive’ ‘pdf’ format and it is difficult to ensure clinicians are using the most recent version.

The Cancer Genetics App contains a risk assessment tool and reference guide, enabling clinicians to decide who requires genetic assessment and who can be managed in primary or secondary care.


Patients thereby have quicker access to cancer surveillance, genetic counselling and testing, chemoprevention and surgical options.

Cancer Genetics is freely available via iOS, android and web-based platforms. It is certified as a Class 1 medical device, CE marked, and a secure content management system allows central updates.


We will present the development process, user feedback and integration into primary and secondary care. Our goal is that Cancer Genetics will promote timely, evidence-based management of those at risk of hereditary cancer.