Sanne ten Broeke

Sanne ten BroekeSanne ten Broeke started her training as clinical geneticist at Leiden University Medical Center in 2017 and has recently transferred to University Medical Center Groningen. She will defend her PhD thesis on PMS2-associated Lynch syndrome in September this year. Her research focusses on both epidemiological and molecular aspects of this subset of Lynch patients.

Her thesis proposes that PMS2 carriers are only at increased risk of colorectal and endometrial cancer but that the risk of other Lynch-associated cancers is not clinically significantly increased. Moreover, it also hypothesizes that the observed lower penetrance of colorectal cancer may be explained by a lack of tumor formation from mismatch repair deficient crypts. These results and the results of others provide the basis for gene-specific surveillance guidelines.

Sanne will continue her research on (PMS2-associated) Lynch syndrome in the pursuit of tailormade, individual risk prediction.