N87: SELINA – Clinical Trial On Lowering The Risk Of Malignancies By Optimizing Selenium Levels In Females From Families With Hereditary Breast Cancer

J. Lubinski

Department of Genetics and Pathology, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin and  Read-Gene SA Poland.


Aim: Blood selenium (Se) levels associated with significantly lower risk of cancers has been identified in Polish females from families with hereditary breast cancers (HBC). For BRCA1 mutation carriers: 70-89 µg/l at age <50 yrs (OR~12) and 95-120 µg/l at age ≥50 yrs (OR~4); for females without detected BRCA1 mutation: 98-108 µg/l (OR~5).

The main goal of SELINA is validation of hypothesis that optimization of Se level can decrease the risk of malignancies.

Method: 7000 females (including 1200 BRCA1 carriers) from families with HBC and deficiency or excess of Se are qualified to one of the arms: “placebo”, observational, supplement (Sodium Selenite) or diet modification. Blood Se level will be measured and optimized during 5 yrs.

Results: Recruitment will be closed in 2018.

Conclusion: SELINA is the first trial aimed to decrease the risk of cancers by  active control of blood selenium levels . Interested scientists are welcome for collaboration.