PLSD in sixth year

The Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database (PLSD) is an international, multicentre prospective observational study describing the incidences of cancers in different organs in carriers of pathogenic MMR variants. The PLSD was initiated by the Mallorca group six years ago.

The first report was published in 2016 including 1942 path_MMR carriers followed for 13,782 prospective observation years. The paper has now been cited by more than one hundred scientific papers. The last report submitted includes information from 6,350 carriers with 51,646 follow-up years from 18 different countries world-wide.

The PLSD reports that the four Lynch syndrome-associated genes have different penetrance and expressions, see

The PLSD website is also available through (see ‘MMR Cancer Risk’). It enables interactive calculation of remaining lifetime risks for cancer in any organ in carriers of pathogenic MMR gene variants by age, gene and gender, thereby facilitating personalised precision medicine for the path_MMR carriers.

We are welcoming new collaborators to EHTG meeting in Barcelona in October to join the PLSD and discuss the future studies.