Matthias Kloor

Profile photo of Matthias KloorMatthias Kloor, PD Dr. med. is a physician scientist who has been working in the field of molecular pathology, tumour immunology, and pathogenesis of hereditary cancer for more than a decade.

His research interests are dedicated to molecular models of tumour evolution and their transfer into the clinical application, with a main focus on tumour immunology and immunological approaches for cancer prevention and treatment.

During the last 10 years, as leader of the research group ‘Immune biology of microsatellite-unstable cancer’, he focused on the identification of relevant neoantigens specifically generated in microsatellite-unstable (MSI-H) cancers. These research activities have led to the first-in-human clinical trial examining a frameshift peptide neoantigen vaccine in MSI-H cancer patients. He complements the studies on cancer vaccines by examining mechanisms of immune evasion that allow MSI-H tumors to develop in spite of pronounced anti-tumoral immune responses.