About Us

Welcome to the “European Hereditary Tumour Group”, which has evolved from the former “Mallorca Group”.

As you all know, the Mallorca Group was initiated in 2006 by Hans Vasen and Gabriela Moeslein and was a very active network of specialists working in different fields involved with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary tumour syndromes. The focus was laid on gastrointestinal predisposition to tumours but may now evolve to embrace others.

The group has defined the aims as:

  • To conduct collaborative studies
  • To establish guidelines
  • To set up databases

We welcome everybody interested to get actively involved and join us in the effort of improving our knowledge in the field of hereditary predisposition to cancer! Also we focus on implementing this knowledge in improved clinical care. This effort embraces all clinical disciplines!

The working group format as a most interactive platform was well-received during the first meeting of the EHTG in Mallorca in 2016.

In 2017 we supported the InSiGHT meeting in Florence (Chairpersons Maurizio Genuardi and Luigi Ricciardello) and hosted a one day meeting on 5 July.

In 2018 we connected up with ESCP. The 3rd meeting of the European Hereditary Tumour group took place on Sunday 23 to Tuesday 25 September 2018 in Nice, France with a joint EHTG/ESCP symposium at ESCP on Wednesday 26 September.

In 2019 we hosted the 4th meeting of the European Hereditary Tumour Group in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday 17 – Saturday 19 October ahead of UEG Week also being hosted in the city.

We are looking forward to our 5th meeting, 19-21 September 2020 in Vilnius, Lithuania!