Chemoprevention and Immunotherapy Workshop

Date: Thursday 12 May
Time: 15:00 – 18:00 (with coffee break)
Venue: Room 1

The success of the CAPP2 trial in demonstrating a cancer preventive effect of aspirin and the launch of the CaPP3 dose non-inferiority trial to establish the optimal dose of aspirin have opened the way to a further interventions to prevent or more effectively treat mismatch repair deficient cancers. It has long been recognized that these tumours are highly immunogenic and the appearance of frame shift peptide antibodies is being explored as a surrogate for cancer development in CaPP3. This workshop will explore progressing beyond this observational stage towards the possibility of a preventive vaccine.

Workshop Chairs

  • Sir John Burn, Institute of Genetic Medicine, International Centre for Life, University of Newcastle


  • Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz, Matthias Kloor – Progress towards a peptide based vaccine based on commonly mutated coding microsatellites.
  • Nijmegan Team – Targeted dendritic cells as a weapon of mass destruction
  • Elisa Scarselli  – Development of cell based immunity based on multiple epitopes : lessons from Ebola
  • Jon Timmis – Bioinformatic approaches to vaccine design
  • Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz,  Matthias Kloor – PD-1 blockade – an effective treatment and a guide to vaccine development
  • Pauline Skarrott – The role of the patient in research design and project development
  • Deborah Alsina – Towards Precision medical care in the UK for people at high genetic risk of bowel cancer
  • Panel Discussion